Fovira mobile CRM for small businesses

Mobile Tele-calling & Field Sales CRM

It’s simple yet powerful. Light on your pocket and can get a lot of things done for you.

14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Setup an Outbound Call Centre in 5 minutes.

Your smartphones are as powerful as PCs. They are power-packed with native features which can make life a breeze. We built our mobile Tele-calling CRM for smartphones with features to get your small business rolling.

Mobile native features

Make calls, send SMS, WhatsApp, and email to contacts with a single click.


Simply upload leads into Campaigns using a CSV file, assign to tele-callers and start dialing automatically with your SIM.

Notifications & Reminders

Don’t miss another important task or follow-up. Simply set reminders. You get push notifications on daily tasks and deals due.

Product Catalogue

Save your entire product catalog with product name, description, and price. Add them to the deals to have better context.

Message & Email Templates

Save message and email templates with dynamic mail merge fields and make them available for all your team members.


Get detailed daily, weekly, monthly reports of all or selected agents. Download and share the reports instantly.

Fovira mobile crm deal pipeline view with quick change of stages across the pipeline.
Deal Management

Track the deal progress with pipeline view

Mobile CRM app has a deal pipeline view to quickly swipe and check the deals across different stages. Simply swipe and click the stage to move the deal across the pipeline.

Fovira mobile crm for personalised messages using templates with mail merge fields.
Mail Merge

Send personalized messages or emails from templates

Just include dynamic values in the format “${field}” in your email and message templates. Save time by sending personalized messages to your contacts from templates using any of the messaging or email apps from your phone.

Fovira mobile crm quote module to generate and share quotes instantly.

Generate and share quotes from the app

Add products from the in-app catalog, set discount and tax rate, add pre-saved terms and conditions to the quote. Generate PDF instantly and share instantly through email or any of the native chat and file-sharing apps.

Live Status

Track sales rep activity with live status

See who has logged in and who has not for the day from anywhere and get reports on their activity.